#Kolkata: A large number of schools in the state do not have a head teacher. That is the report of the school education department itself. Seeing that, some of the state department officials. The state has not had a long-term recruitment of head teachers in schools. Is it because of this that there are so many vacancies in schools? According to the school education department, the news recently asked the number of vacant posts of headmaster headmasters from the board of secondary education. The officials of Tajjab School Education Department got the information from there. According to the school education department, out of a total of 9990 schools in the state, about 2130 schools do not have a head teacher. So many vacancies due to non-appointment of head teacher for a long time? However, the officials of the school education department refused to accept it.

According to the school education department, the state government wants to start a new recruitment process by appointing a head teacher to change the overall attitude towards the Khabar School Service Commission. Sources said that a list of the total number of vacancies has already been sent to the School Service Commission.

This will be the first roster. In other words, the rules by which the headmaster was appointed for so long are being changed. According to the school education department, head teachers will be appointed on the basis of category. The school service commission is sending a proposal to the state school education department to amend the law in this regard. It is learned that SSC can issue notification of appointment of head teacher only if the proposal is approved.

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It is learned that Education Minister Bratya Basu has already held several review meetings on the issue. In the last few months, there have been several allegations against the School Service Commission, including corruption. Protesting repeatedly, various political parties have come out on behalf of the recruitment process. That is why the state wants to show a positive attitude towards the general public about SSC by appointing a new headmaster. However, the SSC did not respond to a request for comment.


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