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EXCLUSIVE: Arjun leaks party theory about Agnimitra Pal during polls


#Kolkata: Arjun Singh poured water on the party’s hopes of winning the Asansol Lok Sabha by-election. In an exclusive interview given to News Eighteen Bangla, Arjun Singh himself said that. After returning to the grassroots from the BJP, Arjun Singh again bombed the Gerua camp. “I was given a special responsibility by the party in the Asansol by-election,” he said. I went to Asansol and after a few party meetings I came to know that the BJP organization is not in good condition in Asansol. I also told the news to the team. What did you tell the team?

Answering a question from this reporter, Arjun Singh said that there are more than 900 booths in Asansol Lok Sabha constituency where there are no BJP booth staff. I also told the party that Agnimitra Pal would be defeated by three lakh votes in the current situation of the BJP in Asansol, claimed Arjun Singh. Before and after the change of party, Arjun Singh had put the BJP on the fence on various issues. As long as his relationship with the Gerua camp has been severed, Arjun has been raising the tone of attack against the BJP. In his words, ‘We are the people of the organization. There is no BJP leader in Bengal. Attempts by foreigners to come and seize power in Bengal will fail in future too.

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Incidentally, Gerua Shibir was quite optimistic about winning the Asansol Lok Sabha by-election. BJP candidate Agnimitra Pal was also optimistic. In the end, the leadership was disappointed after the defeat of Trinamool candidate Shatrughan Sinha by a large margin. After that the BJP entered the field in search of the cause of the rate. The search begins to find out what is behind the defeat. Where did the Trinamool Congress defeat the Gerua Shibir candidate by a record margin in the history of Asansol Lok Sabha constituency after winning the last two elections by a wide margin? In the midst of searching for answers to all these questions, an audio clip of BJP candidate Agnimitra Pal went viral. In the viral audio clip, Agnimitra Pal is heard asking someone on the phone and on the edge, what was the role of Jitendra Tiwari in the vote?

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Agnimitra Pal was heard asking various questions expressing doubts against the party’s Daputa leader Jitendra Tiwari. In the context of the audio clip, Agnimitra Pal on Sunday claimed that the voice was hers, but on Monday she turned from her position and said, ‘That voice is not mine. The IT cell of the ruling party has distorted my voice and made that audio clip viral. In the midst of the controversy over the viral audio clip of Agnimitra Pal, the political circles think that Arjun Singh’s explosive claim will undoubtedly embarrass the BJP leadership by bringing to light the secret report of the Gerua camp of Agnimitra Pal’s defeat to Shatrughna Sinha in Asansol. However, the BJP is reluctant to take Arjun Singh’s remarks seriously.

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