EXCLUSIVE: BJP Bengal: ‘Get out at 7 pm’, jailed BJP leader’s Facebook post goes viral! Top debate

#Kolkata: “I am going to be released from jail next Monday at 7 pm. Even after the bail was granted in the High Court, there are some legal activities that have been completed. Then I will step out of the Presidency Jail tomorrow evening. ‘ This Facebook post of the BJP leader who is in jail custody in Kolkata is surrounded by multiple questions. How did BJP leader Rakesh Singh post this even while he was a prisoner?

Legal experts say that even if it is assumed that an acquaintance made the post on Sunday night from Rakesh Singh’s Facebook account on his behalf, the long message in English, Bengali and Hindi in the post mentions ‘I’.

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In February 2021, Kolkata police arrested Rakesh from East Burdwan in a drug case. Although he was granted bail by the High Court, his current address is Presidency Correctional Institution. His post came to light on Rakesh Singh’s own Facebook account on Sunday night while he was a prisoner in that correctional facility. Rakesh Singh’s multiple Facebook posts have come to light even before his imprisonment.

Whether it is a matter of getting bail in the High Court or any other issue. Recently, information from various such posts has been coming out from Rakesh Singh’s account. Some of his posts mention the name of another person on behalf of Rakesh Singh, but there is no such mention in Sunday’s post.

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So did he make this Facebook post while in jail? If you have done so, then the question arises, how did a mobile phone reach the hands of a prisoner by showing a thumbs up to the rules without the attention of the jail authorities? In the comments section from Rakesh Singh’s account, one of them sat down and asked, ‘Can mobile be used in jail? In the wake of this unprecedented incident, News 18 Bangla contacted lawyer Anirban Guha Thakur.

He said that even if the court grants bail, it is illegal to reach the mobile phone in the hands of the accused who is in the custody of the jail till the release of the accused from inside the penitentiary. In this case, the prison authorities can not avoid the responsibility of negligence. The ‘controversial’ Facebook post from BJP leader Rakesh Singh’s Facebook account also said, ‘I have felt the love and blessings of all my well-wishers, party colleagues and brothers and sisters in this difficult time. Let us now come to the words of the one who has taken care of every member of my family like a father in this difficult situation and in my absence, is the person in charge of the West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party and my teacher, Shri Kailash Vijayavargiyaji. It is not possible to express gratitude to him in words. I am forever indebted to him. Everyone who loves me, from social media to far and wide, has prayed for me. I bow and love you all again. Your son is not a leader. Seeing. There was a special request from everyone. Corona’s situation should not be overcrowded outside the presidency. The health of your family comes first. “

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