#Kolkata: Only 3 months in jail for forgetting the police. Justice Debangshu Basak was surprised by the incident. The investigating officer admitted wrongdoing in the High Court. Stunned Justice Debangshu Basak. South Dinajpur Superintendent of Police has been directed to start a departmental investigation against the investigating officer. The Calcutta High Court will have to report on the action taken. Besides, the report should have mentioned why Pintu Mali was named in the chargesheet even though he was not involved in the incident.

In January this year, Shamim Hossain was arrested with phencidyl while on his way to Hili border in South Dinajpur. After investigating the incident, the police of Patiram police station raided the house of Pintu Malik on January 8. Allegedly he is associated with phencyclidine trafficking. He was arrested on the same day. The police filed the chargesheet on February 26 this year. The chargesheet shows Pintu Malik as the accused. Pintu applied for bail in the Calcutta High Court. Investigating officer Asim Kumar Ghosh appeared in court on Monday on the directions of the High Court.

Justice Debangshu Basak wanted to know whether Pintu Mali’s name was not mentioned in Shamim’s statement or in the statement of witnesses. Then why he was arrested. Why did his name appear in the charge sheet? Public Prosecutor Sanjay Vardhan admitted to the court that it was entirely the negligence of the investigating officers. According to Justice Debangshu Basak, an innocent person should be jailed for 3 months for the mistake of an investigating officer! Investigating officer Asim Kumar Ghosh told the court that he was wearing trousers and a vest which was black and white. The officer investigating the intimidation of Justice Basak could remember what color the accused was wearing 3 months ago and you made a mistake while writing the name of Pintu Mali! How is this possible? Strict action should be taken against the investigating officers who made such remarks by Justice Debangshu Basak. Besides, the compensation of the applicant should be taken from the pocket of the investigating officer.

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Addressing the petitioner’s lawyer, the court said, “You must know that the police must have some financial dealings with Pintu Mali. Which involved his name because he did not agree. Outside the merits of the case, you told the court on the day of the next hearing about the news, whether there was any underlying money transaction of the police with the petitioner.

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Pintu Mali has been granted interim bail by a court order. The South Dinajpur Superintendent of Police will submit a report to the Calcutta High Court by April 7 on the chargesheet and the action taken against the investigating officers. The court will take the next decision after seeing the report.

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