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Exclusive || Calcutta High Court judge rejects CBI court verdict


#Kolkata: High Court Judge Vivek Chowdhury dismissed the CBI court’s verdict. The former hockey player and a customs officer was convicted in March 2016 by the CBI in the Alipore CBI probe into the Anti-Corruption Act. The wife of the customs officer was also found guilty.

The CBI confiscated Rs 36.42 lakh from the house of a customs officer on the charge of non-property income. The CBI had alleged that the money was illegally collected as bribe from the house of a customs officer in Baliganj. The CBI had alleged that the customs officer had taken the money as bribe while supplying chemical fertilizer to Nepal in 2013.

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Although the case was initially filed by the CBI in Delhi, it was later shifted to Kolkata. The CBI Alipore court sentenced the customs officer to seven years in jail and his wife to two and a half years. They challenged this verdict and approached the High Court. In 2016, he filed an appeal case. The verdict in that case was announced on Friday. The question asked by the lawyer Milon Mukherjee on behalf of the couple, one, that the 36 lakh 42 thousand rupees which is being claimed as bribe is not correct. Two, it was cash. The wife and mother of this hockey player. They are painters. This money is not black money. Evidence of a legitimate transaction of this money was presented in court. Justice Vivek Chowdhury dismissed the pleas of Nandakishore Rai and Bandana Rai.

Opponents have repeatedly questioned the usefulness of the CBI investigation According to the National Crime Records Bureau, the CBI is far behind in completing the investigation. If black money is to be recovered from the house of a customs officer then why there will be so many gaps in the investigation? If the controversy over the supply of fertilizer to Nepal has started and if the customs official has received the bribe money from this transaction, then why the role of other officials in charge of the customs office has remained silent in the CBI investigation?

The people of the state have high expectations from the CBI in multiple cases including bogtui, post-poll violence, hanskhali, SSC, primary, and so on. The failure of the CBI in the case of the customs officer and his wife has sparked a lot of speculation.

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