#NewDelhi: In an exclusive interview with News18, Jitendra Singh, an MP from Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir, said that the youth of Jammu and Kashmir now want to join the mainstream of India. He claimed that there was a backlash among the youth of Kashmir when Union Home Minister Amit Shah stood in Kashmir and said that it was better to hold talks with the youth of Jammu and Kashmir than with Pakistan.

He claimed that the situation in Kashmir was changing and that terrorists were targeting civilians in recent times. Incidentally, the Central Government has introduced the Housing and Land Act to allay the fears of the residents of this Union Territory of India due to the revocation of special status. He also said that more jobs will be created for the newcomers than promised.

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However, in the wake of Amit Shah’s remarks, he said, “Amit Shah’s remarks have reached the common people of Jammu and Kashmir, especially the younger generation. So it is a very important step for them. In fact, the new generation of Kashmir wants to move forward. That is why the Union Home Minister has said that he will talk to the new generation of Kashmir in the midst of daily unrest.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh added, “The young men and women of Jammu and Kashmir are very talented. It is also seen in all-India tests. This year, the student from Kashmir has topped the NEET exam. So ordinary Kashmiris now understand that their talents have to be used this time.

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So is the road to talks with Pakistan closed? The Union Minister replied, “The government will take a decision according to the situation.” I shouldn’t say more than that. ” How concerned is the government about militant attacks on the people of Kashmir? As soon as the question was over, the minister said, “Some things have happened. In fact, militants are choosing soft targets to assert their existence in Kashmir, where peace has returned. But if you look at the past years, especially the years before 2014, you can see that there has been a lot of change and the militants are now fleeing. “

He added, “The number of civilians or security personnel killed in Jammu and Kashmir in the last seven years is much less than before.” Moreover, due to the various decisions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, including the surgical strike, there have not been any major incidents recently. In fact, the militants have also realized that the situation is no longer the same as before.

So the youth community of Kashmir is with you now? The Union Minister replied, “The important thing is that the common people of Kashmir, especially the younger generation, want to move forward. And it has become clear to them that this is possible only in Navbharat under the leadership of Narendra Modi. So they do not want to miss this opportunity.

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Opponents have opposed Amit Shah’s remarks. They want to get back the status of the state first. What is the role of the center? Jitendra Singh said, “The Union Home Minister has been in the same position on this issue from day one. What he has said in Parliament, he has said outside. Delimitation is a constitutional process. So whatever the opposition says, it is the right idea for Kashmir.

For the sake of Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked to remove ‘Dil Ki Doori’ and ‘Delhi Ki Doori’. How far are you from this stage? The Union Minister said, “Narendra Modi has been generous towards Kashmir from the very beginning. When he came to power in 2014, the whole of Jammu and Kashmir was flooded. The Prime Minister not only visited Kashmir repeatedly at that time, but also spent his first Diwali as the Prime Minister in Kashmir. This time too he is in Jammu and Kashmir. It is with this personal touch that Narendra Modi has changed the face of Kashmir.

—– Aman Sharma

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