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EXCLUSIVE | Rabindra Sarobar Rowing || Learning from the accident at Rabindra Sarobar! What are the arrangements for rowing? Publishing guidelines …


#Kolkata: Learning from accidents. If you want to go rowing in Rabindra Sarobar Lake, you have to follow certain guidelines. Otherwise rowing will not be allowed. KMDA and POLICE have jointly developed a standard operating procedure (SOP) following the deaths of two teenagers while rowing. Water Ambulance, Safety Officer (Trained), Follow Boat, Rescue Boat. It is mandatory for the club authorities to hold a co-ordination meeting with all parties once a month. In addition, several security issues are mentioned in the SOP.

Incidentally, two students recently lost their lives in the violence of Kalbaishakhi while rowing After this tragic incident, SOP published about rowing in Rabindra Sarobar. This guideline must be followed while rowing. Otherwise not allowed. According to sources, KMDA and Kolkata Police sent SOP to the Rowing Clubs. While rowing in Rabindra Sarobar, several questions were raised about the death of two students. This incident led to allegations of negligence on the part of the clubs.

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Saurdeep Chattopadhyay and Pushan Sadhukhan died when their boat capsized while rowing at around 4.40 pm during the recent Kalbaishakhi storm. Family members of other students have also been in a state of panic since the incident. Parmita Roy, the mother of one such student who came to the club rowing, raised questions that day. Since then she has been afraid to send her son. He is terrified. His question was, what was the permission to go into the water despite the forecast of Kalbaishakhi storm? Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. How do you die despite knowing how to swim? Why didn’t Cox (who was pointing) ask to come ashore despite seeing the storm situation? Follow boats should have been kept. Why not? Multiple such questions come to the fore after the accident. This time the administration took strict action in rowing.


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