#Kolkata: This is like Aladdin’s wonder lamp. At the end of the month, when it is time to pay, the lamp will light up and the salary will match. And then the magic when it comes to finding a school. Where is the school? That’s not it! No school. There is no school building. There are no students in the school. There are only 3 teachers. And there is their salary. They have been receiving regular salary since joining the job in 2013. There is no intersection even in 9 years. There are no classes in the school. The blackboard did not touch the chalk duster.

The residents of the village have also been shocked by the incident at Raipur Junior High School. According to the source, only 3 teachers were allowed to work in another school nearby. Teaching work is being done on temporary basis in other schools with 3 teachers for 8-9 years continuously. It is alleged that such work has to be done on the verbal instructions of the sub-inspector of Sonarpur circle.

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Raipur village of Champahati post office under Sonarpur police station in Baruipur subdivision of South 24 Parganas district. A town surrounded by greenery. Although there are 4 schools in the village, the traces of Raipur Junior High School cannot be found even after walking around all day. But on paper, the school has been in the education department since 2011. In 2013, the School Service Commission gave appointment letters of recommendation to 3 teachers of the school. In 2013, 3 teachers, Pankaj Kumar Das of Mathematics, Prakash Sardar of History and Deblina Sen of English were appointed in Raipur Junior High School.

Deep Biswas of Raipur village. Sixth grader. He also said that there is no school in their village called Raipur Junior High School. The only high school in the village is Raipur Jitendra Vidyamandir. There are taught up to secondary. According to Sukant Mandal, one of the members of the school’s management committee, he had heard that Raipur Primary School had been upgraded to a junior high school. However, we have not found any existence of it till date. 3 teachers are worried about their own future. Their lawyer Ujjwal Roy said he himself was surprised to learn of the school. According to Ujjwal Roy, 3 people have joined the post of teachers after passing the examination.

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What will teachers do if there is no school? He also has a question about how the local school SI is instructing 3 teachers in another school nearby. The beginning of the new wonder of the town surrounded by greenery in 2011. The events of Raipur Junior High School since 2011 are still going on. June 22, 2011 Provisional Recognition Responsibility for this new upper primary school State Board of Secondary Education. Sub-Inspector School, Sonarpur Circle (SE) asked South 24 Parganas to be involved in the construction of school houses by making them members of the school’s ad hoc committee. On 28 August 2011, the Directorate of Education approved the appointment of 3 teachers and 1 fourth class staff for the school.

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In 2013, the School Service Commission recommended the appointment of 3 mathematics teachers Pankaj Kumar Das, Itihas Prakash Sardar and English Deblina Sen for the school. After that 3 teachers were appointed. On 31 January 2014, the school inspector, Sonarpur Circle, wrote a letter to the district school inspector informing him that the construction process of Raipur Junior High School had not started. The reason given is the case filed by Jitendra Vidyamandir in Raipur, which is located in a yard.

In a letter to the district school inspector on 3 February 2014, the teacher in-charge of Raipur Junior High School requested for online approval of teachers. In February 2015, officials from the Sarva Shiksha Mission visited and reported that no school houses had been built. On March 2, 2021, the Assistant Inspector of Schools reported to the District School Inspector that the school had no home. The money allocated for the school has been returned and there is no possibility of building this new school. The 3 teachers who were hired were told to work in the schools behind them, but all those schools are already involved as teachers.


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