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#Agartala: Seeing the ‘Rosie Picture’ of Padma Shibir, he refuses to forget. Eventually he stepped into the grassy camp. The buzz was already there. His mercury was gradually increasing. Rajib Banerjee returned to his old house in Agartala on Sunday. Rajib Banerjee rejoins the TMC, officially leaving the BJP on the last afternoon of October.

Former Trinamool MLA and Minister Rajib Banerjee picked up the flag from Abhishek Banerjee on the stage in front of Rabindra Bhavan in Agartala. In an exclusive interview, Abir Ghoshal spoke to Rajib Banerjee Rejoins TMC on behalf of News Eighteen.

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Rajiv said, “I am grateful to Abhishek Banerjee. I am grateful to Mamata Banerjee. I admit I made a mistake. The wrong decision was made out of pride. Mamata Banerjee forbade me. Abhishek explained to me for 30 minutes. I am sorry. I made a mistake. I wouldn’t be lost today if I heard that. “

In an explosive interview, Rajiv Banerjee said, “I don’t want to say my name today. But I’m telling you, I didn’t want to go on a chartered flight. I was taken away.” He added, “I have repeatedly protested from the BJP. My protest was ongoing. I have protested against the slander, the language used in the elections.”

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After Rajiv Banerjee joined the Trinamool holding Abhishek’s hand, Trinamool’s Kalyan Bandyopadhyay made a mockery in this regard. In his remarks, it is practically clear that Kalyan Banerjee is not at all happy with Rajiv’s return. After Rajiv Banerjee’s return to the Trinamool Congress, the Trinamool MP from Serampore accused him of corruption.

In this context, Rajiv Banerjee said, “Kalyan Banerjee is my honorable guardian. I don’t care what he said about me. I will do whatever the party gives me.” At the same time, Rajiv Bandyopadhyay said, “I don’t think about color. I also wear all kinds of clothes. Reading green today does not mean that I am returning to TMC.”

Rajiv Banerjee returned to the Trinamool Congress, not in the state. In this context, Rajiv said, “I was told by Abhishek Banerjee that he would join me in his hand, so come to Tripura. The Trinamool is now an all-India party. So where is my objection if I join Tripura.”

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