Experts and Citizens collective urge for restrictions in bursting Firecrackers in Jharkhand

 SwitchON Foundation conducted a state wide survey which revealed that an overwhelming 87% of the citizens agreed that firecrackers are harmful for air quality and 68% citizens agreed that air pollution increases after Diwali and Chat puja.

Jharkhand Clean Air Network initiated by SwitchON Foundation, is mobilising leading Educators, Doctors and environment experts across the state to work with administration on the need for sensitization of harmful effects of firecrackers and share green and clean ways to celebrate Diwali and Chat Puja. Highlighting that Many states have either banned or restricted use of firecrackers, Professors from XLRI and XISS sent a letter to the Chief Minister requesting the same to be adopted in Jharkhand.

SwitchON Foundation also organised a state-wide cycling event, ‘Cycle with Lights’ where cyclists from Ranchi, Bokaro, Deoghar, Jamshedpur decorated their cycles with lights and rode across the city, to create awareness on the harmful effects of bursting fire crackers on healh. The aim of the cycle ride was to sensitise citizens about the harm firecrackers cause to the environment and public health and also appeal for state wide restriction of bursting Firecrackers during the winter period, when air quality is very poor.

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