explains the true reason for BJP’s massive defeat in West Bengal referring PM Modi And Dilip Ghosh | ‘Bermuda’ or ‘Didi O Didi’? What is the loss of BJP? ‘Explosive’ Tathagata verdict pointed out! – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Explosive veteran BJP leader Tathagata Roy has been in power since the results of the four-center by-election were announced. Veteran BJP leaders have been bombing one after another since the by-election results came out. On Tuesday, he targeted Kailash Vijayavargiya, Dilip Ghosh, Shiv Prakash and Arvind Menon. But on Wednesday he went one step further. Dilip Ghosh’s ‘Bermuda’ comment is loud this time. He also raised the issue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Didi O Didi’.

Veteran BJP leader Tathagata Roy has once again spoken out against Dilip Ghosh on social media. He writes, ‘Calling Didi-Didi in tune has done more harm than good by telling Mamata to wear Bermuda, because it contains obscene hints. The word ‘Bermuda’ seems to have been learned. “I will bury”, “I will line the corpse” to the tune of low level mastani, all these words have also caused great damage. ‘ It is not difficult to understand that in this message, Dilip Ghosh is actually referring to the Tathagata verdict.

On the other hand, in his message, Tathagata Roy has practically praised Shuvendu Adhikari on social media. He said, “With a few exceptions, 16 MPs and 6 MLAs from West Bengal (although the number of MLAs has increased) did not stand by the supporters. He mentioned the name of Shuvendu Adhikari among the exceptions in this regard. Besides, other leaders have gone to the district surrounded by guards, ‘said Tathagata Roy.

Apart from this, BJP leader Tathagata Roy has clarified his position on being vocal on social media after the results of the by-election were released. “Some people are shocked that I have publicly condemned the BJP leaders,” he said. Listen. I didn’t say a word in public before the election. I said it inside the party.

The BJP’s defeat in the by-elections is already a turbulent Gerua camp. On the other hand, the final criticism has started at home. Former BJP state president Tathagata Roy has launched an extreme attack without covering up. On Tuesday, he said, political activists are of two kinds. One group works according to the ideology, the other group works for money, who become wind with the money. This time when the first team wanted to work, the KDSA team told them, have you been working for so long …? I came and got eighteen seats! Go, run!

In another tweet, Tathagata said, much more money and women than Igor. As soon as the by-elections collapsed, news started coming to me. The news is as sensational as it is horrible, it is depressing. It will take some time to verify. More news will come in the meantime. In a subsequent tweet, he said, “Narendra Modi has to deal with various issues related to India’s foreign affairs and Amit Shah has to deal with the problems of all corners of India. This responsibility will be entirely on those who conducted the elections and selected the candidates in West Bengal – that is, Team KDSA. ‘

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