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Explosive Upendranath Biswas about SSC, what he posted on Facebook – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The court on Wednesday raised questions about the allegation of employing ‘Prathmike’ for millions of rupees. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay directed the CBI probe into the role of Bagda Ranjan. The Board of Primary Education informed the High Court on Wednesday. According to the board, 1 TET question was wrong. Therefore, 269 people who were trained in the wrong attempt were passed TET with 1 number. With this information, the speculation of Tate fraud has intensified. Former CBI chief Upen Biswas will be investigated by the CBI on Facebook. He also said that the CBI will interrogate the two in case of need of investigation.

That Upendranath Biswas made a post on Facebook on Wednesday. He wrote, “First of all, I urge all the boys and girls who could not become teachers for this cause to be appointed as teachers immediately, otherwise the terrible cyclone that has befallen these young women and their parents in West Bengal as a whole will not subside.” This stigma will remain on our Bengal forever. ”

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So I protest this injustice, and I will do it again and again. How would I feel if my own child was the victim of this injustice? The children of the parents who have been the victims of this injustice will continue to protest as a father (empathy in English). My voice will not stop until these one thousand or more Bengali children are appointed as teachers.

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Our constitution promises to give justice to all. There has been gross injustice in the SSC case – all the boys and girls who could not become teachers due to corruption, I immediately kneel before the Hon’ble Court and the Government of West Bengal to appoint them as teachers. Until they are appointed, I will continue to appeal, pray and protest against this injustice. Babasaheb has given us the provision of ‘justice’, so I would say that those who are protesting against this injustice should go on hunger strike or protest near the statue of Baba Saheb on Red Road.

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