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#Kolkata: Corona infection has caused concern in the new year. The number of corona cases is increasing day by day in the state. The state’s new Corona restrictions have been issued since Monday. New restrictions have been introduced in various cases. Schools, colleges, universities are closed. But many are still not regaining consciousness. People without masks can still be seen in the streets, markets and markets. Someone’s mask came down on his chin again. With this, the chief secretary of the state instructed the districts to be more strict with the mask.

Fairs and festivals are held in different areas during the winter season. Small fairs are still going on in different districts on the initiative of self-help groups. There is a book fair going on somewhere. And so strict instructions, no one can be allowed to enter the fair without a mask. Sanitation system should be maintained in the fairs which are going on. The chief secretary has instructed the district magistrates and police superintendents of each district. The fairs are well crowded during the festive season. Somewhere in the crowd for so long a maskless face could be seen. Therefore, the Chief Secretary has instructed to be more strict (Corona restrictions).

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Incidentally, the Corona situation in the state is quite worrying. Therefore, new restrictions have been issued (Corona restrictions). More than 50 percent of the people will not be able to travel by train and metro. Restaurants, pubs, gyms, spas, beauty parlors are closed. New rules have also been issued in hotels, cinema halls, bars, tourist spots, shopping malls etc. It has been informed that no more than 50 people can be present at the wedding or ceremony house.

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In the last 24 hours, the number of corona cases in the country has risen to 33,650. The third wave has begun to show its power. Bengali is not lagging behind. By Sunday night, the number of Corona victims had crossed the 6,000 mark. In Kolkata alone, the number of corona cases has exceeded 3,000.

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