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Fake Doctor: Wearing white apron, patient’s family giving advice, fake doctor arrested from Kolkata Medical!


#Kolkata: Fake doctor arrested from Calcutta Medical College and Hospital. Allegedly, after the white apron used by the doctors, the accused used to give various assurances to the patients and the families of the patients. Then he would collect money from the patient’s family. Other doctors and health workers were the first to suspect the accused when they saw him in the emergency department of Calcutta Medical College Hospital on Tuesday afternoon. The news was given in the outpost of the hospital. The accused was then arrested on the basis of a complaint lodged by the hospital authorities.

Once again the hadith of the fake doctor. This time a fake doctor was arrested from Calcutta Medical College, one of the oldest and established medical college hospitals in the state. But, how was this young man pretending to be a doctor in an institution like a medical college? A health worker at the Medical College Hospital said a young man was seen sitting in a doctor’s chair wearing a white apron in the emergency department of the medical college on Tuesday afternoon. Seeing him does not seem to know special! Sitting in the doctor’s chair, he is giving various instructions to the families of the patients who have come for treatment He was also giving various advices to the relatives of the patient. The health worker working in the emergency department is more suspicious after seeing all these activities of the youth.

Fake doctor in Kolkata medical college Fake doctor in Kolkata medical college

He also informed other employees about the matter. Then they informed the police outpost. At first, the police arrested Sheikh Sanwar Hossain, a 25-year-old resident of Amtar in Howrah district. Later, when the hospital authorities lodged a complaint with the Boubazar police station, the police officers examined the CCTV footage of the emergency department of Calcutta Medical College. After that, the police of Baubazar police station arrested the youth named Sanwar Hossain.

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The accused youth named Sanwar Hossain used to walk around the hospital premises pretending to be a doctor of a medical college. According to hospital sources, the accused youth suddenly appeared at the Medical College Hospital. Allegedly, he used to promise to give medicines to the relatives of the patients at low prices. Sometimes he would collect money from the patient’s family with the promise of getting various tests done for less money. According to police sources, the accused youth used to commit similar incidents not only in Calcutta Medical College but also in several other medical colleges in the city. Police are investigating the whole matter further.

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