Fake job disruption! New turning point in Group C recruitment irregularities

#Kolkata: He has been walking around with the appointment letter in his hand for nothing but 12 months. Group C Recruitment yet. The school has returned from joining. An application has been made to the District School Inspector. The School Service Commission and the Board of Secondary Education have been informed. Arindam Mitra is still going around. After 12 months of rotation, he got an order from the High Court to stop his salary. Arindam Mitra’s question, if I did not get a job, how to stop the salary? Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay, appealing to a single bench, argued that first the group was added to the post and then the salary was stopped. Arindam himself is skeptical about who got the fake job.

In 2019, Arindam Mitra received a letter of recommendation for the post of Group C. He was asked to join Srirampur (Group C Recruitment) Agriculture High School in East Midnapore district. When Arindam Babu got the appointment letter and contacted the school during the Corona Atimari period, he was informed by the school authorities that the school was closed, to be contacted after reopening. After repeated written requests to schools, district school inspectors, school service commissions and boards, no results were forthcoming. After the school reopened, Arindam Babu went to the school and was turned away. The matter was brought to the notice of the education department but no solution was found.

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Group C (SSC Group C) recruitment list expires May, 2019. As per the rules, SSC cannot recommend any appointment after that. Initially, 347 were appointed from the expired panel. The plaintiffs’ lawyers Sudipta Dasgupta and Vikram Bandopadhyay claimed that the appointments were fake. Arindam Mitra wants to know what is a fake appointment in East Midnapore school. For now, the High Court has withdrawn the application to include Arindam Mitra in the main case. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay wants to know in detail what the cut-up marks are in the appointment. Knowing the cut-up marks by category can answer many questions related to bogus recruitment. Arindam Mitra lawyer Ashish Kumar Chowdhury said, “Knowing the position of the commission on January 8, we will decide the next step.”


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