Fake Police In Kolkata: Fake Police The scam is going on in a new way in Khas Kolkata

#Kolkata: Corona Atimari has taught us a lot. What kind of fake fraud with the novel Corona virus! Fake vaccine, fake doctor, fake IPS, fake IPS. And this time fake police. In the new system, pedestrians, bikers, drivers, bus passengers, those who did not wear masks, were fined.

At the junction of Fort William and Lady Dufferin Road in Calcutta on Saturday afternoon, a man dressed as a Civic Volunteer, what a shock! If you don’t wear a mask properly or don’t have a mask, you have to pay the fine. If any of the pedestrians are not wearing masks, then first they are threatening to arrest him, then they are talking about fining someone a thousand rupees and another 500 rupees.

After that, the person dressed as the civic volunteer is taking 100 rupees from some, 200 rupees from others and 500 rupees from others.

The disaster struck at around 2 pm. A man dressed as a civic volunteer stopped a young biker at a signal for not wearing a mask. He wants fine. However, he agreed to pay the fine saying that the biker was a young man, but he wanted his receipt. Then the trouble started.

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A few more pedestrians in the area also came and made the same demand. After a while, the on-duty traffic sergeant spotted the man dressed as his civic volunteer at the scene. Asked about his identity, the man said he was also a policeman. After that the man was arrested and taken to Maidan police station.

If you go there and interrogate him, it is known that he is not a policeman at all, not even a civic volunteer. His name is Manas Sarkar, he is 26 years old, home in Dumdum. After that he was arrested by the police of Maidan police station.

According to the police personnel of Maidan police station, the manner in which the man was trying to stop the people wearing masks even though he introduced himself as a fake policeman is very good, but extorting money and identifying himself as a policeman is a heinous crime.

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