#Kolkata: Many people are in extreme danger by clicking on the blue link of the message that came on their mobile phone unknowingly. All the information of the whole mobile phone is going to the hands of hackers. Such an incident happened in Kolkata. A loan repayment message came from a woman from Mukundpur on WhatsApp. It was written that she had borrowed Rs 2,000 from a company. That money to pay very quickly. The woman clicked on the link given below. From then on, all the contact numbers of the woman’s mobile, photo gallery, camera of the mobile went into the hands of the hacker.

At first, everyone was calling, they were all talking in Hindi. At first, the hacker was under pressure to pay two thousand rupees online. From the morning of 26th April, threats and messages started coming on the mobile phone. Later in the red market also informed in writing. According to the police station, threats on mobile phones will stop. It was seen that in the police station, there was no profit by making a complaint in Lalbazar.

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Threats and demands for money increased this morning. At the moment, the woman and her husband are not able to leave the house. The doors and windows of the house are closed. Everyone has no choice but to commit suicide. Nude pictures of the woman have been spread on most of the mobiles in the neighborhood. From this morning, hackers have started threatening Bengal. The woman has a daughter. They know that too. The question is, is anyone familiar with the woman doing that? However, such threats and deceptions have become quite prevalent. Red market detectives are investigating the matter.


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