#Kolkata: Again a controversy arose over the notice of a private school. A well-known private school in Kolkata had received a class closure notice a few days ago, this time a revised notice was issued on Saturday. The notice said the school would reopen from next Monday. But not for everyone. The school will be opened for those students who have already paid their salaries. And for those who have not paid their salaries, the school doors are currently closed. The school’s notice has caused a stir.

Parents at the school, who have already paid their full salaries, welcomed the directive. But the guardians of another section, who have paid their salaries in compliance with the directions of the High Court, have expressed their displeasure over the notice. It is rumored that they may hold a press conference on the issue next Monday. They will announce the next steps from that meeting. However, the school authorities did not want to comment when asked about the details.

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Earlier, three schools in Kolkata were closed indefinitely citing law and order situation. The school authorities said in a notice on Thursday morning that the school was being closed for the safety of the students. Parents have been protesting in front of the school for the last few days over the increase in school fees. In that context, the decision to close the school is being considered.

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Some of the parents are asking why the students who have already paid the fees will not be allowed to take classes. On Thursday, like any other day, the students reached the school at Ranikuthi in South Kolkata (Kolkata News). But everyone saw the notice hanging in front of the gate. After reading the notice, the complainants can know that the school is being closed indefinitely.

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