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Few important announcement likely today from HS Council | High school results released today! Multiple important announcements, will be known next year’s test schedule? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Today the results of high school are published. More than seven and a half lakh candidates applied for the higher secondary examination this time. Today, at the head of the record day, the Higher Education Parliament is going to publish the results of this year’s Higher Secondary. Although the results will be officially announced at 11 pm, the results will be available on the website from 12 noon. From 12 noon News18 Bangla website news18bangla.comResult 7 can be seen in Type the roll number and find out the result 7

However, even if the results are released on Friday, the students will get the results and marksheets from the schools from June 20. And curiosity peaks around the publication of that result. As always, the Higher Secondary Education Parliament will announce the merit list up to the first 10th place. And which district will be at the top of the curiosity around him? In the last few years, districts have been ahead of Kolkata in terms of higher secondary results. This time too the students are keeping an eye on the same result.

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This year, the students were tested at the first home center. The Parliament of Higher Education decided to take the exam at the Home Center keeping in mind the Corona situation. A total of more than six and a half thousand schools in the state have taken higher secondary examinations this year. However, the Parliament of Higher Education plans to return to the old rules from next year.

Parliamentary sources said that there is a possibility of some announcement in that regard in today’s press conference. Sources also said that an announcement may be made as to when next year’s Higher Secondary Examination will start. The Board of Secondary Education has announced the schedule of this year’s secondary examination on the day of publication of the results of the relevant secondary examination. It is believed that the Parliament will announce the next schedule of examinations according to that rule. In that case, next year’s high school exams are expected to start in mid-March.

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The Higher Secondary Education Parliament had earlier announced the number of syllabus on which higher secondary examinations would be held this year. Due to the closure of schools for a long time due to the Corona situation, the Higher Secondary Education Parliament has taken this year’s Higher Secondary Examination on a certain amount of syllabus. In that case, you must keep an eye on the results of the students of the science department? According to parliamentary sources, the tendency of students to read science is getting worse. This year, only 10 percent of the total candidates have taken the Higher Secondary Examination with Science.

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