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#Kolkata: Who will occupy the small red house? The answer to this question seems to be more of a curiosity of the people of the state including Kolkata (KMC Election Results 2021). That is, will the ruling party of the state be able to impress the result of the 2015 pre-election?

Six years ago, in 2015, Trinamool won 114 seats in the Kolkata municipal elections Later, several other councilors from other parties joined the ruling party Trinamool also pulled three independent councilors into the party In all, out of 144 wards of Calcutta Municipality, more than 120 wards were ruled by the ruling Shibir.

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If the vote was held on time, the Calcutta municipal election was supposed to be held in 2020 But the opposition is not too optimistic about the outcome of the by-elections, following the dominance of the Trinamool in the Assembly elections and subsequent by-elections. Because in terms of the results of the 2021 Assembly elections, the Trinamool was ahead in 131 wards in Kolkata. BJP was leading in 12 wards On the contrary, keeping the grassroots below the 2015 ward count seems to be a moral victory for the opposition.

Holding on to the few wards they hold in their hands is like passing a tough test for the opposition. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections on Friday

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The grassroots leadership knows very well that their struggle is with themselves Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.

The counting of votes in 144 wards of 15 boroughs of Kolkata Municipality will be done in ten counting centers. According to the State Election Commission, the picture will become clear in a few hours after the counting of votes starts from 8 am.

Strict security measures have been put in place at every counting center to avoid any disturbance like on election day. Three levels of security have been set up at each counting center About three thousand policemen are in charge of security A DC rank officer has been assigned to oversee the security arrangements at each counting center. Video recording of the whole counting episode will be done Kolkata Police 6 is still facing a big test just like the polling day

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