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Fire prices in the market! Son-in-law Adare Varsa is a non-vegetarian platter of that panchayat – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The risk of caressing the son-in-law is not less. However, the market fire on the morning of Jamaishthi. Prices of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat are practically empty pockets. So many people are now relying on the platform of the panchayat office. Chicken or mutton, hilsa or shrimp, whatever you want, you can find all kinds of food.

According to a report from the West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation under the state panchayat office, orders for the lunch menu for Jamaishthi came from 506 people. Which records in recent times. There are many flavors of cooking, the most advantage is the door-to-door delivery And so a large part of the people have confidence in them. Going to the market, it is seen that in Maniktala market, whole fish catla is 280 rupees per kg, cut 400 to 500 rupees, whole rui 220, cut 350 rupees, vhetki 480, lobster 1000 rupees, hilsa in 700 villages, 800 rupees, 1200-1300 rupees per kg , One and a half kg price 1800-2000 rupees, pabda 400-500 rupees.

Fire prices in the market

In Maniktala market Jyoti potato 28 rupees per kg, Chandramukhi 40 rupees, onion 25 rupees, garlic 100 to 200 rupees, ginger 100 to 150 rupees, litchi 100 rupees, Himsagar 100 rupees, jam 150 to 200 rupees per kg, patal 20 to 30 rupees per kg, Beans 160 rupees, carrots 60 rupees, squid 30 rupees. In Maniktala market, apples are priced at Tk 140, Langra Bhagalpur at Tk 100-200 per kg and Golapkhas at Tk 90-100 per kg. And most of the tomatoes are available at 100 rupees per kg. And buyers hand in head at this price.

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Devmay Bandyopadhyay, one of the people who ordered the food, said, “It is a big hassle to bring vegetables, fruits, fish and meat to the market this summer. Upstairs. It’s a much better facility than that. I ordered the desired food on the phone. He comes home and delivers the food on time. So that’s good for us. ” Another Manjari Sen said, “First of all, great cooking. Good vegetables – there are all kinds of items. Will come home at noon. Also the price is affordable. So I ordered.”

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