Firecracker in West Bengal: Supreme Court upholds High Court order, good news for Bengali gamblers

#Kolkata: Eventually the cut tangled. This time, the use of firecrackers in other festivals of the year, including Diwali, will be banned in Bengal (Firecracker in West Bengal), the question was to get the answer. This decision has been revolving around the law for so long The plaintiff went to the Calcutta High Court again on Tuesday The Calcutta High Court on Wednesday granted relief to the betting lovers in the same case.

On October 29, the Calcutta High Court had directed to stop all types of betting in the upcoming Kalipujo, Diwali, Jagadhatri Pujo and other festivals. But that order was overturned on Monday, and the Supreme Court allowed the use of environmentally friendly betting. However, the apex court also directed that an application could be made to the Calcutta High Court on infrastructure issues and other issues. In that context, the plaintiff again applied to the High Court. But the High Court upheld the order of the Supreme Court dismissing the application. At the same time, the Pollution Control Board has been directed to ensure compliance with the Supreme Court order. It has also been informed that an affidavit will be submitted in this regard after four weeks.

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The Supreme Court allowed the High Court to ban eco-friendly fireworks, overturning a complete ban imposed by the High Court. At the same time, the apex court had sternly directed the state government not to allow banned bets from outside the state and not to sell them in the market. Those issues have also been mentioned in the order of the High Court. The betting traders also gave bond in the High Court on the same day. It is mentioned there that only environmentally friendly bets will be sold as instructed. No other bets will be sold.

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On Tuesday, High Court Justice Rajasekhara Manthar drew the attention of the division bench and the plaintiff re-pleaded that the bet could not be cracked near the hospital or the locality. It was also requested that no bets be sold without the tag of PESO i.e. Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization. However, the High Court upheld the order of the Supreme Court today.

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