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Kolkata: Burnt in the sun, soaked in water, has been campaigning for the last month and a half. These few days have passed in the midst of political turmoil, sorting out the number of votes. Life is going to change again from next Sunday. So from today for the next few days there will be light food, deep sleep and ‘Munna Bhai’ and ‘Hello Brother’. Chetlar Bobby (Firhad Hakim) will spend the next 2 days with the two of them.

Port Kolkata is the only seat 6 There is not a single person who has won that seat without any uncertainty. Despite managing the port, he was busy with Bhabanipur. Firhad Hakim was one of the leaders of Mamata Banerjee’s vote. But he wants to stay away from the news of politics as soon as the Bhabanipur vote is over. Bobby’s funny answer is, ” At this age of 62, I don’t feel like taking the tension anymore. I love watching Munnabhai MBBS to cut tension. I have seen it 11 times. Let’s see again. With half of my Hello Brothers left to see. I’ve seen it before. But every time I see it, I like it. “

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He is the only one who is exceptional when the commanders of the opposition camp are spending their time in tension or what many are saying is not spending their time. Why not be exceptional? He threw counter questions. In his words, “We are by the side of the people all year round. We are close to every person in the area. Reach out to every person in the area. They also make us happy and sad. We are not voting birds. So we have no doubt that our vote will be won. “

He himself has said more than once that their fight is in the interest of the people. Their fight is aimed at increasing the margin. And that goal seems to have been met by Trinamool Congress leader and minister Firhad Hakim. Watching movies, chatting in clubs, naughtiness with grandchildren are all going on. In addition to this, of course, he is looking or looking for Corona. Even after his vote, calls are coming from multiple places wanting vaccinations. He listens patiently to everyone’s words and at the same time makes arrangements. As a result, even if the star candidates or senior leaders and ministers spend their time in various ways in the Bhabanipur polls, it is an element of laughter and helping people in times of danger. Combined with these two are Bobby of Chetla and Firhad Hakim of Thuri Trinamool. However, he has kept track of the progress of Agrani Pujo.

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