#Kolkata: Kolkata Municipality has big plans for street dogs. In order to control the breeding of dogs, sterilization measures have been taken. Mayor Firhad Hakim inaugurated the event at the Star Theater in North Kolkata on Tuesday. At the same time, the treatment of street dogs and many other issues were discussed. But when it comes to picking up dogs from the neighborhood, Sarmey lovers have to face obstacles. In that case, the municipality has to face many problems to do the work. Public awareness is needed to get rid of this problem. For which the people’s representatives have to take special initiative. This is the word that came up in the discussion on that day. The incoming public representatives also raised the issue in their speeches. Anindya Raut said that whenever a dog car enters the neighborhood, the street dogs are the first to notice. They fled the area. Then the dog-loving people also became an obstacle. As a result, the main purpose also becomes very sluggish.

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In addition to controlling dog breeding, the municipality has to look at one more thing. That is rabies. This requires control of dog breeding. Officials claim that although the Kolkata Municipality has done so with considerable success, the goal has been set to bring more speed. Animal Husbandry Development Minister Swapan Debnath, who was present on the occasion, said, “Water scarcity means certain death. 60,000 people are killed every year all over the world. There are around one lakh stray dogs in Kolkata. So we have two tasks ahead of us. I have given one crore rupees from the office. There are super specialty hospitals for the treatment of human beings as well as animals in the state. Thanks to the Chief Minister for that. There will be a modern hospital in Belgachia. Awareness is needed to survive rabies. And we are all animal lovers. “

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Mayor Firhad Hakim said: “There are two divisions in society with street dogs. One group feeds the dog and the other chases the dog. And we are the referee between the two. Once I got into this problem myself. It was later learned that the dogs were feeding the dogs in the park, which was crowded with dogs. After spending some time in their pockets to clean the area, they had to make arrangements to feed the dogs elsewhere, but one day the then MLA Debashree Roy came and protested. He also demanded that dogs be kept in the park.

If a dog is taken for vaccination, it will be brought back to its proper place in a few days. If the dog of Shyambazar goes to Tollygunge or if the dog of Tollyganj goes to Shyambazar, the vote will also go against. We have a municipal health service. After Atin Ghosh took charge, its speed has increased a lot. The work is so good that not only the neighboring states but also from Bangladesh come to take the training. “


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