Firhad Hakim: Market without mask? Buyers and sellers beware! Do you know what will happen? Mayor Firhad said …

#Kolkata: Don’t show up again. Dossier new variant Omicron. And on that basis, strict restrictions have started again in the state from Monday. But what is the return of awareness among the common people? At least people without masks are not found on the streets. This time, Firhad Hakim, the mayor and transport minister of Kolkata, warned of stern action against the mask.

Initiating a vaccination program for 15-16 year olds at a school in Chetla on the same day, Firhad said, “Regular miking is going on in the market. No mask no cell. Police have been instructed to hand over the stalls of any seller or buyer if they do not wear masks. ” 100% fleet is being used. This decision was made so that the lockdown could be done by 10 pm. The containment zone will be informed today. The situation in the containment zone will be increased or decreased by regular review.

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What measures are being taken? In this context, Firhad said, “I am starting on the instructions of the Union Ministry of Health and the State Health Department. There are about one and a half lakh such age group students. We will set up a vaccination center at any school that offers infrastructure. ” In his words, “In this case, the victims are recovering within five days. But it is not clear which is the delta strain. Talks are going on about making it a safe home. “

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Meanwhile, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh has lashed out at the state government over the ban. However, Firhad Hakim did not let him retaliate. He said, “If Dilip Ghosh goes to Rose Morning Walk and says something, how will I answer him? The state government has many responsibilities. Our economy, GDP is better than the country’s economy.

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