#Kolkata: Kolkata was up in arms over the unusual death of Kashipur BJP activist Arjun Chaurasia. The BJP has started a movement against the ruling party saying that Arjun has been killed. Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself reached Arjun’s house. His ministry also demanded a CBI probe and a report to the state. However, the initial report of the autopsy did not reveal the irrefutable information that Arjun was killed. Death by hanging, Antemortem in Nature. This is indicated in the autopsy. And as soon as the report of this autopsy came to light, the political pressure was at its peak. And this time Amit Shah was pierced by the Minister of State and the Mayor of Calcutta Firhad Hakim about the politics of corpses.

Firhad said, “Arjun Chaurasia’s family said well, because the politics of catching corpses is not right. It is a trivial matter to call Amit Shah’s post a political assassination. Now you understand that. Now the BJP has gone to the governor again to do drama. In fact, they want to be in the news. Mamata Banerjee is here, the administration will be on the path of neutrality and truth, the BJP will get a worthy answer in the court.

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Amit Shah came back on the last tour of Bengal and set the tone again. He also asked about CAA. Informed, Corona ‘Mitley’ will be CAA. On this day, Shanan Firhad attacked the Union Home Minister on both these issues. He said, “There is no such thing as infiltration in Bengal, those who came are staying. There is no infiltration every day, a lot of employees are leaving for Bangladesh. The Modi government is ruining the economy. And who is the BSF? Amit Shah should resign if there is any problem at the border.

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The mayor of Kolkata has also taunted Amit Shah about CAA. Firhad also said once again that the BJP is fooling the people with CAA. He said, “Elections are coming again on the 24th, again the BJP will make a fool of itself and once the elections are over, it will go away.” No one will believe Amit Shah’s words anymore. “

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