#Kolkata: From Panihati to Jhalda, from Regent Park to Tiljala, in Rampurhat in the last few days there have been incidents of open firing and even genocide in different parts of the state. Somewhere blood has been shed, somewhere more than one life has been lost! Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. Minister of State and Mayor of Kolkata Firhad Hakim opened his mouth on several issues on Tuesday. Take a look at how Firhad responded to …

Regarding the letter of Mamata Banerjee to the BJP chief ministers …

The Chief Minister has been saying this for a long time. The BJP is trying to dismantle our structure in India. To save it, all of us who love India, we must fight together. The country is bigger than the party, if the country survives we will survive, the BJP is ruining the secular democratic atmosphere of the country. I support the statement of the Chief Minister that if we all fight together, we will be able to remove the BJP.

ED summons Abhishek Banerjee

Trying to shut our mouths. I was also called and arrested. As we fight against the BJP, against the dictatorship of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi, we are dazzled by the fear of the ED that we will be caught, we will not be caught.

Narendra Modi will give a virtual speech at the Matua fair

The BJP is trying to pull the Matuas, but they can’t, the BJP has done nothing for the Matuas, the BJP has not done anything for anyone, no matter how hard the BJP tries, they have no existence here.

The High Court did not provide protection to Anubrat Mandal

It is a matter for the court. I will not say anything, we will fight against BJP, we will not be afraid, whatever happens in it, we will accept death with a smile, if the freedom fighters were scared that day we would not see independent India, so we will put an end to the injustice that is happening in independent India.

The Prime Minister has summoned the BJP MPs

There will be no benefit in going to the Prime Minister. Those who attend the PM’s meeting will not return to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

BJP MLAs have complained to the governor

Shuvendu Adhikari is no longer needed, he should retire. The governor is doing the work of Shuvendu Adhikari, it is better to come out of Raj Bhavan and sit in the BJP party office.

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Petrol price hike

After the Uttar Pradesh elections, this is Modi’s return gift. Ask Amit Malviya to return the GST money first.

Basanti bomb blast

In such a big Bengal, Saibari, Netai Nandigram, Singur have all happened, can the government control everything? Then the government will be a god, there will be criminals but if he is caught and put in front of the court and given exemplary punishment then no one else will do this injustice, this is the law. This is what our government is doing.

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Women’s safety

There is enough security for women in Bengal, we do not burn people like Hathras, those guilty will be punished by the court.

The second day of the strike

Hooliganism does not get the human mind. In a democracy, people will say the last word, the police will make arrangements, the ban will fail. Now the people of Bengal are not going to the streets of Bandh, the Communist Party is rising because they are doing this kind of work.

Allegation of attack on BJP candidate in Baliganj

He wants to draw the attention of the media, why the grassroots will do this? BJP candidate’s bail will be confiscated in Baliganj. Trinamool will win by a record vote in Baliganj surrounded by Central Force.

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