#Kolkata: Anger inside BJP (BJP West Bengal)? The question is coming up as soon as the BJP MLAs leave the WhatsApp group. The BJP’s state committee has just been reconstituted. MLA Asim Sarkar, Ambika Roy has left the official WhatsApp group of BJP MLAs alleging that Matua was not represented in the committee. Subrata Tagore, Mukutmani Adhikari and Ashoka Kirtania. And on the eve of Christmas, the fight in the state politics has started with this political incident.

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When the MLAs suddenly left the group together on Saturday, rumors started inside the Gerua camp. Some of the party leaders also contacted the MLAs to find out why they left the group. In the meantime, Subrata Tagore said in a close circle that Matua was not represented in the state committee that was announced. The Matuars did not get qualified posts. It has been observed that many MLAs have been included in the post of State Secretary, but these five MLAs are not among them. Initially, the news came through sources, but Subrata Tagore did not say anything publicly about it directly. As a result, it is still unclear why the legislators left the group. It has already been heard that MP Shantanu Tagore wants to talk about this with the Delhi leadership. However, the issue of Delhi Yoga is not yet clear.

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Manoj Tigga, chief whip of the BJP parliamentary party in the assembly, admitted the incident but said he had spoken to two of the defecting MLAs, Ashok Kirtaniya and Subrata Tagore. Manoj claims that this will be discussed at the parliamentary level. Discussions may also take place at the state level. Those who left the group misunderstood. The Matua vote in the 19th and 21st elections helped the BJP win in about six constituencies, including Bangaon North and South. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

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