# Amit Sarkar, Kolkata: Following the instructions of the state government, WB school reopening was opened across the state from Tuesday. Classes have started in the school from ninth to twelfth class according to the offline corona rules. At the same time, teaching started in the classrooms of colleges and universities. Not only this, with the help of government guidelines the class started from this day inside the Reformatory. A total of 15 students from ninth to twelfth classes have taken classes in the Presidency Correctional Institution. Many of them are under trial. And three teachers were present to take classes of these students. Everyone is spending time in that correctional facility. Debashis Chakraborty, superintendent of the Presidency Correctional Institution, said the open school was run inside the correctional facility under the supervision of the National Institute of Open Schools. Where the classroom was closed for so long keeping in mind the Corona situation. Classes IX to XII have been started across the state from this day as per the guidelines of the state government, so open school classes have also been started inside the penitentiary.

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Not only open schools, but also undergraduate studies under the supervision of Indira Gandhi Open University have started from this day. 10 students and two teachers took part in it. Each of them is also a prisoner. According to the correctional facility sources, out of the total 25 students, five or six are convicted prisoners who are now serving their sentences. And of the five teachers who are teaching in the penitentiary, three were involved in teaching at some point in their lives. But they are now prisoners of the penitentiary for any criminal activity. What’s in it! They want to show the direction of light as teachers in order to remove the dark side even after coming here.

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According to Super, many people want to correct themselves in this situation. He started classes in an open school rather than take life in the right direction by reading and writing. But they have suffered a lot during Corona Kale. However, some students started classes from this day. However, those who are up to the eighth grade, their studies are going on in the cell. Their teachers are guiding them. In the next step, when the eighth grade class (WB school reopening) will start across the state, they will also start classes inside the penitentiary.

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