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Food Plaza reopening in Howrah Station | Good news during the festive season, this time Food Plaza will be launched at the station


#Kolkata: On the eve of the festival, the Indian Railways Board (Food Plaza reopening in Howrah Station) gave permission to open food plaza, public meals, retiring room, railway passenger accommodation at Sukhbar station. Indian Railways has already informed this in a letter to the Principal Chief Commercial Managers of all the zones. As a result, food plaza owners will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

The food plaza that used to be buzzing with passengers during other times of Pujo, is now a place to chase away flies. If you see the food plaza of familiar rhythm, you will feel like an abandoned house. Food Plaza 7 closed from the lockdown chapter The company is facing huge financial loss due to this. Passengers are in trouble for not getting enough food. The food plazas at Howrah and Sealdah stations are compared to the food lounges at the airport. Because many passengers can eat standing or sitting here at once. At the same time they can go with food. It is virtually a takeaway system.

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As far as the food plaza at Howrah station is concerned, about 265 people can sit and eat. From tea, coffee, fruit juice to fish fry, biryani or idli-dhosa, everything matches here. But that food plaza has been closed since March. Upside down dishes. Signs of not using the oven for a long time are obvious.

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There is dust on the food list. Food Plaza can only sell water, cold drinks and chips, biscuits at vendor wheels. All these food plazas of the station are controlled by IRCTC. This month they have allowed the food plaza to remain open. With 20% license fee per day. Also, food cannot be eaten sitting or standing in the food plaza. I have to leave with food.

The owner of Food Plaza has stated that it is unprofitable to run Food Plaza reopening in Howrah Station in this manner. Those involved in Howrah Food Plaza say, “At the beginning of the year, we paid Rs 6 crore to run the food plaza. Now, if we have to pay Rs 30,000 per day, it is difficult for us to run it. It was not possible to sell the money because the local train was closed. “

According to them, the main problem of Howrah station was that passengers were not allowed to come to Food Plaza from the road designated at the station for entry and exit. As a result, there is less opportunity to sell food. IRCTC is acknowledging this difficulty. Debashish Chandra, group general manager of the company, said, “We have told the railways about this. Some more trains will be launched in the next few days. This will increase the number of passengers. “

Food Plaza staff said that if eating out is allowed in a restaurant, then why not eat in a food plaza. The huge losses that Food Plaza is facing due to closure may have an impact on the workers in the coming days. There may be cuts in the number of employees. Passengers will be able to sit at the food plaza and eat according to the new rules. However, the physical distance must be complied with. No one should be allowed to sit and eat more than 25 percent. Sanitation will be regular. Masks, gloves mandatory. However, now the passengers are in big trouble as they are not getting food.

One of the passengers, Sanjay Mandal, said, “I used to buy food from here. I came to the station and saw it closed. I will go to Patna, so I don’t know where to get food.” Arun Roy has made similar allegations. “Everyone buys food at the station to get on the long-distance train. Now that doesn’t match either. So our problem is final,” he said.

On one side of the conflict between the two is the loss of Food Plaza 6 On the other hand, passengers are also in trouble. Food Plaza officials think the new guidelines are going to cut it.

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