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For the governor of Howrah, the pre-poll is late, cannon aircraft! Dhankar responds – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: It was not possible for Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar to cast his vote in Howrah Municipal Election. This allegation was made directly by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Biman Banerjee on Monday He alleged that the delay in signing the bill to separate Bali municipality from Howrah made it impossible to hold the polls in Howrah. The governor also attacked the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

The state government has decided to separate Bali municipality from Howrah Puranigam For this, Howrah Municipality Amendment Bill 8 was passed in the assembly on November 18 According to sources, the bill was sent to Raj Bhavan three times for approval but the governor did not sign it Instead, Jagdeep Dhankhar tweeted 18 questions about the bill

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The pre-poll is scheduled to be held on December 19 in Kolkata The state government and the state election commission had planned to hold the Howrah polls with Kolkata. But it was not possible to issue a notification of pre-vote in Howrah as the governor did not sign the bill

Raising the issue, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly said on Monday, “It was not possible to hold the polls in Howrah because of the Governor’s delay. If the president can sign three agricultural bills in one night, then what is the purpose of the governor blocking it? ‘

However, the governor did not want to accept this allegation of the principal His counter-reply was, ‘The principal thinks that he will be the last to speak in the assembly And he made this mistake We should work in coordination What is happening is very unfortunate. “

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Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari has opened his mouth in support of the governor “The governor wanted to know from the state government the reason why Bali was linked to Howrah and why he was being isolated,” he said. That fact must be taken into account. ” Minister of State Firhad Hakim countered, “I will tell the governor that the Raj Bhavan has its own glory. I am telling you with folded hands, please do not act on the words of BJP You should not listen to what the BJP said and what Shuvendu Adhikari said.

According to sources, a senior minister of the state also talked with the governor about the amendment bill of Howrah municipality. But even after that, Jagdeep Dhankhar remained steadfast in his position

In this situation, Jagdeep Dhankhar has again summoned State Election Commissioner Sourav Das to Raj Bhavan today. The governor wants to discuss with the commissioner about the deployment of central forces for the security of Kolkata pre-poll He also wants to discuss when the polls will be held in other municipalities The governor has summoned the election commissioner three times in the last few days

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