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Formal inauguration of Tutors’ Welfare Association of India


By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti Pic: Surhid Ghosh

The formal inauguration of Tutors’ Welfare Association of India (TWAI) took place recently at Kolkata Press Club in the presence of Mr Sujay Kumar Barman, Chairman, Mr Swapan Datta (Ujjwal), President and Mr Soham Bhattacharyya, Secretary, and members of the Association Mr Subrata Mondal, Mr Nikhilesh Roy, Mr Bijit Biswas and Mr Sekhar Nandi.Besides academic tutors, TWAI members also include tutors engaged in teaching dance, songs, recitation, drawing, karate and other musical instruments.

The members of this Association have been working at the state level before the formation of TWAI and stood in support of the tutors in distress. Over a period of time, many tutors from different states of India and abroad have reached out to the Association via social media which necessitated the formation of TWAI. This Association was registered on 10th November 2021, as one of the apex bodies or umbrella organization to not only address and protect the needs and concerns of the tutor fraternity across India but also to articulate their demands and grievances in various fora.

TWAI have raised some questions and placed a list if demand where they highlighted that inspite of playing a vital role in building the society, the private tutors are still a neglected lot and they remain outside the government welfare schemes

The tutors, while earning their livelihood, play a vital role in building the society. They, however, are a neglected lot and remain outside the Government welfare schemes.

TWAI has placed 11 charter of demands which includes the following: A.) Proper implementation of RTE Act 2009 throughout the country. B.) Most of the teachers of Government and Government-sponsored schools unable to complete the prescribed syllabus in the given time frame owing to their indulgence towards private tuitions. Thus, they are violating section 24 and section 28 of RTE Act 2009 that should be taken care of. C.)Before the formation of TWAI, the members of the Association have submitted deputations against such practices to the Head Masters of schools, president of managing committees, various councillors, chairman of municipalities, block president, Block Development Officers, District Magistrates, DI of Schools, the president of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, the president of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, the Director of School Education, NCPCR, WBCPCR and also the then education minister honourable Mr Partho Chatterjee. But their effort has yielded no results so far, hence they demand a proper investigation in this matter. D.) After receiving the deputation, the DIs in the state simply take self-declarations from the accused teachers regarding their non-involvement in tuitions without looking into the complaint, which should be taken up seriously by the authority. E.) The Government should take appropriate steps to bring back the dropout students. F.)Revival of the schools that were closed due to lack of students and poor infrastructure. G.) Demand for proper monitoring by the government to ensure that the teachers discharge their duties properly. H.) Demand for the formation of an autonomous council for the tutors on the lines of private doctors and so on. I.) Demand to form a `Grievance Cell’ where the guardians and others may lodge complaints pertaining to schools (primary, secondary, higher secondary) and college education. J.) Demand fairness in appointment of teachers. K.) Demand to stop the anarchy existing in the education system.

Tutors’ Welfare Association of India (TWAI) seeks to address the issues and improve the education system and curb illegal practices in the education system. TWAI has resolved to protect Child Rights and plans to form a Tutors’ Council in cooperation with the Government in future.

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