Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: Former Food Minister Jyotipriyo Mullick at the meeting to cut the complexities of rations at the door. While managing the forest department, he is carrying out special responsibilities to solve the problems of his old office. According to sources, Jyotipriya Mallick held a meeting with Food Minister Rathin Ghosh and Ration Dealers Association leader Vishwambhar Bose on the instructions of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

According to sources, he will meet again next Monday with the food minister and the organization of ration dealers. That’s where the problem will be solved. Incidentally, the organization of ration dealers went to the division bench of the High Court on Thursday with rations at the door. On Wednesday, the court allowed the introduction of rations at the door.

During the festive season, a door-to-door ration project is being launched from Vaifonta. The ration project at the gates of the state is starting to work as a pilot project. However, a final decision has not been taken on some issues yet, according to the Ration Dealers Association. The case has been taken to court. However, according to the state food department, the pilot project is not being stopped in any way.

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Food Minister Rathin Ghosh said, “Trials will be held from more than 3,000 shops. Ration dealers will go home. Two have filed a case. The government did not. So the trial is going on. The main part is late to start. They will discuss their demands with the dealers. We want to see what the situation is for now. “

The Ration Dealers Association has already increased the commission by Rs 50 per quintal. If you want to do biometric, you will get another 25 rupees per quintal. Now the commission is 65 rupees per quintal Dealers demanded a total of 200 rupees. That has been 125 rupees for now. The state government has issued a notification to this effect. However, despite the increase in the commission, the organization of ration dealers is still not happy.

Ration at the door, that is, rations will reach people’s houses. But to do this, you need a car to take the rations home. And the controversy has started over who will pay for the purchase of this car. Bishwambhar Basu, general secretary of the Ration Dealers Federation, said, “I will not buy a car with money borrowed from a bank. It is not possible for us to buy a car at a cost of around Rs 3 to 4 lakh.”

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Food Minister Rathin Ghosh refused to accept the statement of the dealers. He said, “The state government is giving one lakh rupees under the Gatidhara project. The state government will also make arrangements to buy a car with that money. And whoever buys a car with the rest of the money will become the owner of it. We are not going to stop that. ” It has already been notified that Rs 1 lakh will be provided for the purchase of the car. In addition, the Ration Dealers Association has appealed to the state government to pay a commission of Rs 200.

At present the commission is 75 rupees. An increase of Tk 125 has been demanded by showing the staff and additional expenses for going home and providing rations. In addition, handling charges have been demanded for the supply of goods According to Vishwambhar Babu, some products are wasted when they go to deliver food from ration shop or godown to any house. So the handling charge has been claimed. He, however, again sent a letter to the Chief Minister demanding reconsideration of their demands.

The Ration Dealers Association has claimed that it will cost them an additional Rs 4,160 per month. As for that money, they are saying, the driver of the car is 12 thousand rupees. 10 thousand rupees for assistant. 2500 for fuel. 1500 for garage. 2000 for maintenance. 60 for road tax. 1000 for insurance. 20 rupees to prevent pollution 12600 for EMI. They have already submitted this account to the state. Even if the ration is introduced at the door, it will not be introduced in the two hill districts due to geographical reasons. Even in the deltaic part of the Sundarbans, problems have been created However, wherever the product is delivered, it will be given to the customers only after measuring the product and registering it in the e-pos machine.

Although there are multiple statements from dealers, according to the state food department, the project should start first. Only then will it be understood where the problem is. Food Minister Rathin Ghosh said, “Let the work start before you go to the field. Only then will you understand where the problem is. If you just look at the problem, there will be no work.” In this situation, former food minister Jyotipriya Mallick has entered the hall. He has already held talks with Food Minister Rathin Ghosh and the Ration Dealers Association.

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