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Forward Bloc Flag Change || On 22 June, the Forward Bloc is changing the flag, and the hammer and sickle are moving from the side of the tiger


#Kolkata: The forward block is removing the hammer from the flag with a sickle. The new flag will be used on June 22, the founding day of the party. However, the color of the flag remains red. The original symbol ‘Lumpman Bagh’ is not moving either. But why is this symbol being removed? The Communist Party or the Left Party uses this symbol.

The party’s state secretary said, “Since we are not with the Communist International, we have changed the flag. We will stand by the peasants and workers. Subhash Chandra Bose gave the highest priority to agriculture and industry in India. There is no working class party. There is a party in the bourgeois democratic system. They are not right. There were questions about Subhash Chandra being a leftist. But today it is as clear as daylight. I have used the hammer to talk about internationalism. I will say it again. No leader has ever been born in India who is a bigger international analyst than Subhash Chandra. So he is our icon in this regard. “

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According to party sources, part of the party has been demanding change of flag for a long time. The Madurai Council was proposed to take a decision. That proposal was then postponed because it could not be accepted unanimously. Later, a meeting of the Forward Bloc State Council was held before the Bhubaneswar Council. The decision was sent to the central party after voting. The Bhubaneswar Council unanimously decided to change the flag.

Naren Chatterjee said, “Now we have to go to the people. Why did we change. There are many ideological issues hidden in the change of flag. Forward Bloc Subhash Chandra’s party. On behalf of Forward Bloc we will promote Subhashism. We will send it. So that Subhash Chandra spoke of the path of Indian opinion on Indian soil. We will follow that path. “


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