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Forward Bloc || Pulling the rope all day with the flag, the debate on the foundation day in the forward block


#Kolkata: Two flags flew. There was controversy across social media. At the same time confusion is created. There was speculation about what was real. Preparations on the ground floor had been going on for some time. Protesters in the Forward Bloc made their presence known for the first time on Monday. At a regular press conference at the Calcutta Press Club on Monday, they announced that they would hoist a new flag on the founding day. In this direction, the forward block is determined to raise a new flag with a proper decision. The protesters are led by two young leaders of the party. Ali Imran Ramz, a former MLA of a party The other is Sudip Bandopadhyay. Protests against the leadership.

It is not clear why the leadership is changing the flag of the party. The leadership has the responsibility to respond to the lower level workers. There is no reason to change the flag. So they are in favor of using the old flag. On the founding day of the party, the leadership said that only the flag with the symbol of the jumping tiger should be hoisted except for the hammer and sickle.

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The party’s state secretary Naren Chatterjee said, “Since we are not with the Communist International, we have changed the flag. We will stand by the peasants and workers. Subhash Chandra gave priority to agriculture in India and then to industry. Many are embarrassed that it is no longer a working class party. A party has been formed in the bourgeois democratic system. They are not right. The question of Subhash Chandra being a leftist has also been raised. For a long time we have used the hammer and sickle of the flag to talk about internationalism. I will still say that no leader has ever been born in India who is a bigger international analyst than Subhash Chandra. So he is our icon in this regard. “

He posted a picture of the new flag on Facebook on Wednesday, saying, “Today is June 22, the 63rd founding day of the Forward Bloc. ” “There is no basis for the leaders to say that the change of flag is baseless. The leadership is forcing its decision on the ground floor. We have protested. The party is deteriorating day by day due to incompetent leadership. We are the majority in the party but we are not being listened to,” he said. To be honest, they are being punished. ” The protesters also posted pictures of the old flag and questioned him on this day.


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