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Forward Bloc || Rebels in Netaji’s party, Forward Bloc protesters warned to hit ‘main gate’


#Kolkata: Preparations on the ground floor had been going on for several days. The protesters started shouting their existence on Monday. Recently, two young leaders of the party led by the protesters held a regular press conference at the press club. Ali Imran Ramz, a former MLA of a party The other is Sudip Bandopadhyay. Protests against the leadership. It is not clear why the leadership is changing the flag of the party. The leadership has the responsibility to respond to the lower level workers. There is no reason to change the flag. Therefore, in favor of using the old flag, the leadership said that on the founding day of the party, the flag bearing only the symbol of the jumping tiger should be hoisted by removing the hammer from the scythe.

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Naren Chatterjee, state secretary of the party, said, “We have changed the flag part since we are not with Communist International. We will stand by the side of farmers and workers. There is no working class party. There is no party in the bourgeois democracy. They are not right. There were questions about Subhash Chandra being a leftist. But today it is as clear as day. I have used the hammer to talk about internationalism. I will say it again. No leader has ever been born in India who is a bigger international analyst than Subhash Chandra. So he is our icon in this regard. “

“There is no basis for the leaders to say that the change of flag is baseless. The leadership is forcing its decision on the ground floor. We have protested. The party is deteriorating day by day due to incompetent leadership. We are the majority in the party but we are not being listened to,” he said. To be honest, they are being punished. ” Ali Imran Ramz said, “Many in the leadership are involved in corruption. We have just started. We will unmask those leaders.”


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