Fraud exposes recruitment of Primary Teacher in Khas Kolkata

#Kolkata: The cycle of fraud in the recruitment of primary teachers is exposed. Thirteen job candidates appeared in the office with fake call letters. Fraud in public to verify. As soon as he was caught. Incidents of South 24 Parganas Primary Education Parliament. South 24 Parganas District Primary Education Parliament Office in Baliganj. Fraud in the name of giving job to Primary teachers was exposed on Monday.

On this day, 13 job candidates who passed TET in 2014 reached the office. Counseling call letter in the hands of 13 candidates. Everyone came to the district primary school parliament office in Baliganj from the morning with the call letter received through email.

They claim they have been called for counseling. News Eighteen Bangla has received a letter of counseling with the logo of the West Bengal Board of Primary Education via email, which mentions the issue of counseling at its office in Baliganj on Monday.

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But as there was no counseling day on Monday, the Parliamentary authorities became suspicious at first. The State Board of Primary Education was contacted to find out. That’s when it became known that the call letters of 13 candidates were fake. No such call letter was sent to anyone. The 13 quickly left the area as soon as the fraud was caught. Ajit Naik, chairman of the South 24 Parganas District Primary School Parliament, said, “We have not sent any such letter.” The call letter is completely fake. We are looking into the matter. “

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Ajit Babu also said, “I want to know from the thirteen, from where or through whom you got this call letter.” However, no one opened his mouth. South 24 Parganas District Primary School Parliament has informed the whole matter. It is learned that an investigation has been started into the email ID from which the counseling call letter was sent. The departmental investigation is looking into whether anyone from the council or parliament is involved in this.

It is being investigated whether any transaction has taken place. Now let’s see if there is any cycle behind this incident. Many people think that it is clear that this scam has been done with the help of government primary teachers. VENKATESWAR LAHIRI

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