Fraud of thousands of rupees by showing the temptation to buy furniture

#Kolkata: With the advent of social media, some new dangers have been created. Cybercrime spreads all over the social media. Money can be lost if you are a little careless. Recently, everyone has been moved by such a news. One person has been deceived by the temptation to buy furniture on social media.

Last September, a man named Raju Shah came to Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police Station and complained that he had befriended a man named Asit Biswas on social media. He was provided a phone number from the profile of Asit Biswas (cyber crime). After that he was shown some pictures of furniture from that account and told to sell. If the complainant Raju Shah agrees to buy the furniture, the accused demands Rs. 45,500 for the furniture. According to that, the complainant transferred the money online three times. After that, realizing that he had been deceived to ask for more money, he approached the cyber crime police station.

Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police started investigation into the incident. The bank account details revealed that the crime was being committed from Alwar in Rajasthan. Finally, a cyber crime team from Bidhannagar raided Rajasthan. The accused Nitin Rajkumar was arrested from there by the police of Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police Station. Police recovered a mobile phone with 4 SIM cards from him. He was brought to Kolkata on a 7-day transit remand from a Rajasthan court. The accused will be taken to Bidhannagar court today.

According to police sources, the police will request to take him into their custody. Police of Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police are investigating who else is involved with this gang. This incident created quite a stir. However, everyone is being warned in advance about investing all this money in shopping with a stranger. You have to be very careful to avoid cheating.

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