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#Kolkata: The state’s veteran and skilled politician Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Last Journey) passed away on Thursday night. State Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Subrata Mukherjee, 85, breathed his last at SSKM Hospital. Although he had been ill for some time, the news of his sudden death cast a shadow of mourning. Ordinary people from the political arena, no one can accept the departure of the humorous, smiling man. His sudden demise is not just a shadow of mourning in the political arena. Mourning state dwellers.

The body of former minister Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Last Journey) was kept at Rabindra Sadan from 10 am on Friday. From there his body was taken to the assembly. Legislators, including Assembly Speaker Biman Banerjee, were present to pay their last respects to the former minister. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari was also present.

The body of Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Last Journey) was taken to the assembly from Rabindra Sadan around 2.30 pm. His body was kept lying there for half an hour. Members of the Legislative Assembly paid their last respects to him there. Subrata Mukherjee became MLA for the first time in 1982. He has since been MLA and Minister more than once. He has also won the assembly elections from Baliganj constituency this year. He died while he was a MLA.

Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar reached the assembly on Friday afternoon to pay his last respects to Subrata Mukherjee. There he laid a wreath on Subrata’s body. After the wreath-laying, the governor told reporters, “The name of a personality like him will always be bright in politics.”

After paying homage to the MLAs from the assembly, his body was taken to the former minister’s house in Baliganj. Relatives were present to bid farewell to the dearest member of the family.

Subrata Mukherjee’s body was then brought in front of Ekdalia Evergreen Club. The name of Subrata Mukherjee is inextricably linked with this club and the pujo of the club. Lots of people stood in front of the club to pay their last respects to him. Ekadalia without Subrata seems to have descended into darkness. The people of the crowded area stood in line to pay their respects to the beloved leader. Subrata Mukherjee’s body was taken on the last journey after pushing a crowd of followers in front of Ekdalia Evergreen. Subrata Mukherjee’s last rites will be performed at Keoratala Mahasmashan.

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