Fuel Price Hike: Unable to raise 1000 rupees, this taxi driver did not take cooking gas for 3 months

Kolkata: Diesel price is increasing day by day. The price was 100 rupees 45 paise on Friday. Visiting Posta, the heart of business in Kolkata, it was seen that the driver was sitting somewhere under the tree, somewhere or on the bed, even though the time of evacuation was increasing. Yellow taxis are parked in different parts of the city. Everyone agrees that with the increase in diesel prices, passengers have refused to pay more.

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As the price of diesel has gone up, petrol pump workers claim that there are several passengers who feel that the petrol pump authorities are responsible for the increase in diesel prices. Complaints, customers are about to hit the car while refueling, there is abuse. With the rise in diesel prices, small four-wheelers, from rental taxis to small matadors – from the owner to the driver, everyone is in danger.

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Biplob Naskar is a taxi driver. He lives in Khundigachhi area of ​​Sonarpur area. According to him, there is two hundred to two hundred and fifty rupees by paying rent to the owner all day long. He has to drive in the streets all day long, starting from tea and tiffin to lunch. To his chagrin, he has not been able to raise Rs 1,000 at once, and has not been able to afford cooking gas for the past three months. He also said that with the increase in the price of diesel and petrol, the passengers are refusing to ask for more taxi fares. On top of that, luxury taxis of various companies are plying in the city.

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In many states of eastern India, the price of goods fluctuates completely depending on the post market in Barabazar. The traders of that post market said, “Every day the price of goods is increasing due to the increase in transportation cost. The rise in the price of those goods is so slow that people can’t feel it. If one thinks about the calculation of one year, then one will understand how much the common man’s treasury has been stretched.

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