#Kolkata: Chaitra’s wood is hot But since morning, Babul has been in a cool cool cool mood He drove himself to different booths Singing Manna Dey’s song, he appealed to the voters to cast their votes In the end, the grassroots candidate from Baliganj, Majalen, got hot in Kachuri-Singara.

However, since the morning, of course, one has often searched for Babylon! Even though he doesn’t understand the complex number of votes, Ekaratti, who has just been admitted to the school, wants to know over and over again on the phone, ‘Long live my father!’

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Babul explained in a cheerful manner from the morning that he had no doubt about winning the Baliganj by-election. He did not lose his temper even though the Central Police did not allow him to enter the South Point School booth. Instead, Manna Dey sang “How my whole day is spent, only you do it” to the party workers and supporters.

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However, Babul has repeatedly spoken to senior party leader Firhad Hakim and Subrata Boxis on the phone. The voting rate in Baliganj was less than 7 since morning However, Babul 7 was not worried about that

Babul also visited Ekdalia, the hometown of late minister and MLA Subrata Mukherjee, while touring various areas of Baliganj. He also met the Congress candidate at a booth and exchanged courtesies Singara with tea in the midst of all this.

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