Gangasagar fair is going on, but there is no Subrata, I miss it very much, says Mamata at Nabanna meeting – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Every time the main responsibility was on his shoulders. Former Minister Subrata Mukherjee was in charge of GangaSagar Mela. In his death, a vacancy has been created in that post. The time has come for this year’s Gangasagar fair. That is why Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee reminded Subrata in the administrative meeting of Nabanna about the preparations for the fair. He said, “Every time Subrata would stay. This time he will not stay. I miss Subrata very much. He used to do a lot of work.”

The late Minister Subrata Mukherjee has been in charge of the Gangasagar Mela for the last ten years. In this decade, from the administrative head to the local organizer, even the local people knew that Minister Subrata used to come to Gangasagar just a few days before the fair. The organization of the fair changed radically with the help of Subrata. Shaking his memory, the locals say that Subrata used to stay at the residence of the Public Health and Technical Department for four days of the fair every time he came. The door was open. Ordinary people of Gangasagar, starting from pilgrims, the general leaders and workers of the party also used to come to meet Subrata. As if Subrata was the address of the difficult easy. If there was any problem in the fair, it would be solved by holding his hand, the minister could be seen standing by the side of many helpless people.

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In multiple news, even in this News18 Bangla report, what was the life of Subrata Gangasagar like? He stayed for a few days, every day, in the evening to reach the fair office in Sagarpar. He used to face journalists there. There was a tea shop next door. The minister could be seen sitting in the tea shop with ordinary people and chatting on light rice. Starting from Kapil Muni’s ashram, he also used to visit the akhra of saints. He has cut all the gaps.

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Sick Subrata was already hospitalized, but his death came like a thunderbolt in the political arena of Bengal. He died of a massive heart attack at SSKM Hospital on the night of Kalipujo this year. After the news of his death was published, the Chief Minister could not give any response to the show. He was the one who remembered Subrata again today, as if a stream of emotion was flowing down the path of memory, which also appeared on the face of the Chief Minister.

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