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Gangasagar Mela 2022: ‘Babu’s’ crowd at Babu Ghat, booze, cheating business


#Kolkata: Gangasagar fair will be held as per the directions of the High Court. But the situation determines. The saints have already come to Babu Ghat for the Gangasagar Mela. Somewhere Maunibaba, somewhere Ghanta Baba, again somewhere or Shani Baba.

The number of bujrukis to match on the occasion of holy bath is not less. Buzruki’s business has started. Rudraksha is sold at a very high price on the occasion of Gangasagar Mela. Things that look like rudraksha, starting from the garland to the idol of Thakur. These are sold by various shopkeepers from Vinh State. Quite funny, their claim is that rudrakshas are different sizes from different trees. Holding them is good for the people.

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In faith, a lot of people buy and take away various devotional items starting from Rudraksha garlands. However, the price is not too low. Visiting the premises of Babughat Mela, it was seen that a woman was making a mold with flour and drying it, drying it red and letting it dry. The first thing he asked her to do was ask, “Is that Rudraksha?” But after seeing the suspicion, he accepted. He said that he was doing this because of stomach irritation.

Going to the fair, it was seen that a saint was hitting the head with a broom. Everyone is bowing their heads and taking the blow of the broom. Somewhere again Sadhu Baba is selling the charm to be brainwashed and get a job. This business is going on in different places. This fair creates a place for earning. So again. As long as people believe in destiny, this magic will continue.

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Upon entering the fair, the police issued a notice, ‘Beware of pickpockets.’ Dad is lying with fever somewhere in Babughat fair. Again, the saints are sitting together in an alliance without a mask. But this fair is a business fair from the beginning. But many people know that. Buzruki for the sake of the god Thakur, cheating people on the premises of the fair.

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