#Kolkata: Police have received shocking information about the double murder case in Gariahat (Gariahat Double Murder Case | Bangla News). How the two were planned to be killed, who was killed earlier, how the killers escaped after the murder, the interrogation of the detectives has revealed some such shocking information (Gariahat Double Murder Case | Bangla News). However, Vicky, the son of Mithu Haldar, the main accused in the murder, is still missing. According to police sources, Vicky’s WhatsApp was also active at 6.23 am on Sunday. However, the statements of the three accused during the interrogation are vague. Investigators plan to interrogate them together (Gariahat Double Murder Case | Bangla News). Dundee officials are shocked to hear the details of the incident. However, the motive for the murder is still unclear.

According to intelligence sources, first the driver Rabin Mandal was killed and later Subir Chaki was killed. After entering the house, Vicky goes upstairs. The driver was killed first and then Subir. Detectives suspect that the robbery was carried out after the murder. After killing Rabin from above, Subir was killed. One pressed his face. The other two held hands and feet. Detectives question, then what was the previous plan of this murder? Reconstruction of the incident has also been considered to make sure that there is still fog in some places in the speech. After the murder, 3 people caught the train and fled together. The accused did not return home and hid in different places.

The last two arrested Zahir Ghazi and Bapi Mandal were taken to Alipore court on Saturday. Both the accused have been remanded in police custody for 14 days till November 5. The public prosecutor pleaded that there was enough evidence to implicate many more in the case. Rings, wallets and mobile phones looted from the dead have not been recovered yet. The mystery is gaining momentum without recreating the incident. The motive for the murder is still unclear. Further interrogation is needed to keep these suspects in police custody.

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According to police sources, Vicky brought her father to Goriyahat to buy a house 9-10 months ago. At that time he wanted to buy the lower part of the house for 25 lakhs. But Subir Chakki said he would sell the whole house for Rs 1.5 crore. As a result, he did not sell the house. Police guess, Vicky was angry since then? After the birth of vengeance? At that time, he said that he would give Rs 15 lakh and the remaining Rs 10 lakh from his father. But later police found out that Vicky also tried to kill her father as her father refused to pay.

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