#Kolkata: Three people have been arrested so far in the Gariahat Murder. Although the mystery of the murder has been solved, there is still some fog. Several issues are still being questioned. Let’s take a look at the questions that arise

– In the hope of getting what, mother Mithu and son Vicky together plan to rob this rich corporate boss which resulted in the murder of the corporate boss?

– What do Vicky and his students really get after the robbery and murder?

– According to detectives, Vicky and his mother intended to loot. So what was the purpose of the other captured Bapi and Zahir and the other fugitives? What could be the motive behind the killing of Subir Chakki and the driver of other assassins?

– Detectives claim that Vicky hides his identity with the bait of buying a house and calls Subir Chaki with another identity. The question is, after listening to the talk of a boy like Vicky (Class Eight-Nine Pass), there is no doubt about a corporate boss like Subir Chaki?

– According to the police claim, Vicky called with the bait to sell the house. Then why the murder? What prevents them from plundering so that they both have to be killed? There is no issue of blackmail? What was it about Kakulia’s house that made the assassins kill two people while looting?

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Corporal Subir Chaki and his driver Rabin Mandal were killed last Sunday at their home on Kankulia Road in Gariahat. Maid Mithu was the first to be arrested in connection with the murder. Mithu used to work as a maid in the house of Subir Chakis. Her son Vicky is known to be the main accused in the murder. His motive was to extort money by killing. Besides, Mithu got three more people involved in the murder.

Vicky called her mother after the murder and told her about the incident. The next day he met his mother Mithu and gave her a blood-stained shirt and two bags. Vicky is still at large. However, police have arrested two more students Zahir and Bapi from Pathar Pratima in South 24 Parganas. A search is on for Vicky.

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