#Kolkata: Kolkata police detectives were scrambling to unravel the mystery of the twin murders in Kankulia (Gariahat Murder Update). Gypsy 7 made their job a lot easier The Gypsy is actually a German Shepherd dog member of the Kolkata Police Dog Squad. The eight-year-old German Shepherd was the first to detect the murder of Subir Chaki, a high-ranking corporate tycoon in Goriyahat, and his driver, Robin Mandal. According to the sources, Mithu Haldar, one of the main accused in the incident, has been arrested by the police As a result, the gypsy in Kolkata police is now getting the honor of a hero

The Gariahat Murder Case took place on the night of the 17th at Kankulia Road. On the 17th the gypsy was taken to the scene According to Kolkata police detectives, the gypsy is skilled in tracking down the culprits in the murder case. He has proved his mettle in multiple incidents in the past The gypsy was sniffed at a blood-stained handkerchief that was first recovered from the scene after being taken to a house on Kakulia Road.

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The gypsy then wandered to the second and third floors where the two bodies lay. After searching for the killer, he first ran more than half a kilometer from Kakulia Road and reached the nearby Baliganj station. Gypsy was accompanied by his handler Mohan Mandal 8 Arriving at Baliganj station, the gypsy climbed the stairs of the overbridge and sat down in the middle of platforms number one and two. From this, the detectives can understand that after the murder, the assassins may have escaped from Baliganj station by train.

From Baliganj station one can reach Sealdah on one side and South Parganas and Bajwaj on the other. With that in mind, investigators began scrutinizing CCTV footage of the Baliganj station and its adjoining Fern Road, several shops adjacent to the Bijan Bridge, and the road. The accused Mithu Haldar was identified after watching the CCTV footage

According to an official of the Kolkata Police Dog Squad, the German Shepherd, named Gypsy, was two years old when he was brought to the Kolkata Police in 2015. Earlier, Gypsies were trained under BSF from the age of 6 months in Gwalior. From high-powered explosives to ground drills, this German Shepherd specializes in distinguishing odors from a variety of mixtures.

At the moment, a total of 48 posts of Kolkata Dog Squad have been approved There are 37 trained dogs, including the German Shepherd, Labrador, Rot Wheeler, Doverman, Golden Retriever. Ten new Labrador dogs were brought to the Dog Squad in April

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