#Kolkata: The rise in the price of cooking gas has set the middle class on fire. SUCI has taken to the streets in protest. On Saturday, the party marched from Subodh Mallick Square in Kolkata to Dharmatala. The road was blocked at Dharmatala junction. At the end, symbolic gas cylinders made of paper were burned in protest of rising gas prices. The party leadership warned that the increased price of cooking gas should be withdrawn. Otherwise, there will be continuous movement across the state. The movement will continue till the demand is met.

As the price of fuel including petrol and diesel increases, the price of things is also increasing. On top of this, ordinary people are facing problems due to increase in the price of cooking gas. In such a situation, the SUC has decided to take to the streets to protest. Nabendu Pal, a member of the party’s state secretariat, said, “The Modi government at the center is repeatedly raising the price of cooking gas. The price of cooking gas has reached Rs 1,026. The price of petrol and diesel is skyrocketing. People are losing their jobs. Unemployment is at an all-time high. People’s purchasing power is declining day by day. People are unable to find any work. They are being laid off. It is like a wound. We are protesting against it today. We have landed in the whole country, we have landed in the state and we have landed in Kolkata. We are asking to withdraw the price of gas.

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Apart from this, the CPM has also protested against the increase in the price of cooking gas. Sujan Chakraborty, a member of the party’s central committee, said: “Petroleum prices are skyrocketing. It is terrible. Prices of everything will go up. The pockets of the middle class will be empty. Cooking gas prices have doubled since the Modi government came. Thousands plus. In the international market, prices have gone down by 20 per cent. How much profit? How much tax? The Delhi government has declared war on the common man, endangering their right to life. Terrible thing. It can never go on. Does that mean good day? “

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