#Kolkata: Festival, we are all familiar with this word. This time a ‘other’ festival is being organized in the heart of Kolkata. Not exactly a book fair, but the festival certainly has a fair stock of books. Organizing such an exceptional book festival in Netaji Nagar, Taliganj. The book exchange festival is aimed at bringing back the books you have read, not the ones you have thrown away, and taking a book of your choice in return.

One such festival is organized under the open sky by the side of the road. Readers’ interest in this book exchange festival was at its peak at the initiative of a local literary magazine. In the modern age, where the habit of reading books has lost a lot due to the wealth of smartphones, this initiative is to make the readers more book-oriented. The presence of pedestrians in this library, which is moving around with a table and chairs in the side street of the dirt road in South Kolkata, shows that books are still their dearest friend.

In the current situation, many people cannot afford to buy new books. The old books in their house which are just falling into the dust are being collected at this festival. This is how a reader’s book reaches another reader. The goal is to make the book more reader friendly.

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There is such a trend abroad. To make the readers book oriented by exchanging old books. This time in Tilottama also that foreign amazement. Loving the book, many readers have welcomed this initiative. Street Library, here is an opportunity to read books while sitting. There are also opportunities to take books home. In the words of the authorities of ‘Bhasha Tari’, the organizer of this exceptional mobile library, ‘From now on, we will have this book exchange festival regularly. Our main objective is to make the readers more book oriented ‘.


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