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giving prescription Kolkata Police caught south 24 pargana medicine seller | ‘Doctor’ from drug dealer! Fake doctor’s fame unveiled as soon as police arrived – News18 Bangla


# South 24 Parganas: Crowds of patients from morning to afternoon, the prescription is really matching with various physical problems. Although some people doubt that the beginning and the end of the name are the same, there is no way to know who is real and who is fake. Relatives of the patient known to the doctor of Ghatakpukur in South 24 Parganas district used to say from time to time when the chamber was opened there. Will you sit there? Is that chamber yours? All these questions have to be answered many times, but the real doctor had no way of catching the fake doctor for having the same name. (Fake Doctor)

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Doctor Tapan Jyoti Mridha lodged a complaint with Survey Park Police Station on June 3. He said that someone has opened the chamber with his name, the patients are being confused. At the beginning of the investigation, the investigating officer at Survey Park Police Station realized that there was a mystery. People who know the real doctor are asked. Within a few days, the Anti-Fraud Section of the Intelligence Division of the Calcutta Police took charge of the investigation. After some time of investigation, it is understood that the relatives of the patient are being confused in the name. (Fake Doctor)

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Eventually a fake doctor was caught by the Kolkata police. Dhrita’s name is Tapan Kumar Mridha. He is a resident of Malcha in Minakhan. The person pretended to be a doctor just by looking at the match before and after the name. Absolutely prescription-based medical services, which were actually created in the business.

During the preliminary investigation, the police found out that the arrested accused was working in a drug store at one time. At that time he could know about various medicines. After that, he forged the name of a doctor and made a prescription and started treating the people illegally. How many people have he cheated in this way? Since when was he doing fake treatment? Investigators are interrogating Dhrita to know about various issues. (Fake Doctor)

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