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Glass was arranged on the table, food scattered! An acquaintance killed the couple in Bhabanipur? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Various information is coming up after the initial investigation of the police regarding the murder of the couple in Bhabanipur, Kolkata. According to police sources, while retrieving the bodies of Ashok Shah and his wife, the police found more than one glass on the table, food was scattered! The owner of the flat of the late couple said that when they saw through the eyehole of the door, they would open the door and talk even if it was a familiar person! As a result, there is no possibility of an unknown miscreant entering the house through the door. In that case, the question arises as to whether the acquaintance killed the couple.

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After the incident that took place on Monday night, the police activities at the spot on Tuesday morning were also noticeable. Neighbors of Shah’s family said that Ashok Shah’s youngest daughter Disha first noticed the incident on Monday. He called the neighbor and informed him about the incident. It is learned that Ashok used to run a tire business in Mehta Building. But a few years ago he closed that business. Yet he had commutes to the Mehta building, probably dealing in share transactions. From this perspective, some questions are coming up in front of the police in the investigation of the murder.

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What a murder! Initially, the issue of the flat or property group came up. But that is not possible, because property cannot be obtained by murder. In the second case, whether Ashok Shah had any financial problems due to share trading business is also coming up. According to the police sources, the police are also wondering whether the news, gold grains, money, which have been robbed, have been taken away by the miscreants as a complement to the money laundering. Joint CP Crime veterans Tripathi and Akhilesh Chaturvedi went to the spot on Tuesday morning. Before him came DC DD Special Surya Pratap Yadav of Bhabanipur Police Station.

According to police sources, the CCTV in the house has deteriorated. Since it went bad 15 days ago, it is not possible to get footage from it. Home CCTV is bad, but street CCTV is OK. The police are relying on the footage.

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